CBD Influencer Affiliate Program

Do you have a lot of great fans who need the kind of potent relief that comes from a great hemp CBD?

Why Become a Sedona Herb CBD Affiliate?

Why Become a Sedona Herb Affiliate?Not only can you help your followers find relief, but you can also make extra money/earn free products every month with us! When you chose to partner with Sedona Herb, you get:

  • Best Commission Period: Sedona Herb offers not only one of the highest payout at 15%, and we give free products based on total sales you've completed each month!
  • Fast Payouts: We pay our affiliates on the second of each month. Minimum payouts are $50.00 to avoid customers signing up just to use the program for a one-time personal discount.
  • Products Confidence: Sedona Herb offers well-researched, quality CBD products and an award-winning customer service team you can actually call.